Origin of Durban Poison in Durban city

Durban poison is one of the popular strains used by community of cannabis and it is originated in South Africa but uncovered when marijuana weeds are taken in USA. Durban poison is saliva roots with larger resin glands and it makes a great extract concentration. Moreover, the Durban poison remains as pure strain fruit or flower or ancient bud all over the world which is cultivated in the city of Durban. The Durban poison strain is cultivated from African sun so the plant need more sun light and has strong resistance to pests. There are several additional cannabinoids and terpenes are available in the market but people wonder what made the Durban poison more famous? It is mainly because of its pure fragrance when dry Durban leaves are burnt. In some cannabinoids only certain parts would be used but when it comes to Durban poison roots, leaves, fruit and flower bud all has capability to give pure strains fragrances. People can get several fragrances such as lemon, pine, spice and many natural pure fragrances.

Features of Durban poison:

The Durban poison is a plant with buds, glazed and orange pistils filled in the center and green leaves stretched out. The Durban poison sativa has ability to stimulate human mind and generate spark imagination which in turn provide high energy. Apart from this there are several reasons available for people to use Durban poison in wider ranges which are listed below.

  • Durban poison landraces strains have high content of THC about 15 to 20% when compared to other cannabinoids, terpenes and weeds even more.
  • This is the only strains which has multi flavor such as sweetness, earthiness, lemony, pine scented, spiciness and citrusy.
  • The Durban poison buds has more stimulating effects which is used for people who are in conditions like ADHD and ADD in order to maintain focus. Moreover this stimulating effect is also used by people in depressed state or mood disorder to make them normal.
  • When people have Durban poison the Euphoria content in them would rush people mood and energy and helps them not to have energy fall down in a day.

Thus for all above factors people make use of Durban poison strains in wider range than any other cannabinoids.

Effects of Durban poison:

When Durban poison is taken by people, most of them feel to be activeness especially when they take it before any physical and mental activities such as jogging, exercise, walking and meditation. In addition to all this most of the people have reviewed that by using Durban poison they get relief from anxiety, stress and fatigue since it generate more energy.

Although the Durban poison strains has many positive effects in stimulation but on other it also has some negative effects when it is taken beyond limitations. When people take Durban poison on high dosage they would feel paranoid or anxious as their mind rush so fast. But this can be avoided when people take Durban poison in limited quantity.