Detox Facts and Myths: Top Shampoo for Detoxing Your Hair From THC

Detox Facts and Myths: Top Shampoo for Detoxing Your Hair From THC

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The worst thing about cannabis detoxification is that you have to abstain from using and consuming it. It does not matter why you wish to do it, because it is necessary to understand its chemical nature, how it functions within your system so that you can cleanse it with ease.

A detox is a process in which you will abstain from the consumption of the substance, in this case, cannabis, so that you can remove its compounds from your system. 

Even though abstinence is the most efficient way to remove it altogether, you should know that most drug tests would appear on short notice and without the ability to handle it naturally.

The best ways to do it is through additional remedies that will help you throughout the process, and we recommend you to check out this article on how to use shampoo for a drug test here.

Everything depends on your daily habits, but this particular process could be challenging and straightforward based on specific factors. The first factor is the amount that you have consumed on a regular basis and whether you were using it for medicinal or recreational purposes.

For instance, if you consume it daily, it means that you will have to wait between one and two months to remove it from urine, while it may stay in your hair strands more than three months.

At the same time, as soon as you stop consuming it, you will notice these withdrawal symptoms:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability

Experts are still debating on whether these are withdrawal symptoms or just a process of discontinuation from medicine that provided you some comfort.

The idea is that you will notice these effects during the first few days, and you can alleviate most of them by exercising and consuming plenty of liquids.

Cannabis Detox Myths

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You can find plenty of information available online that will provide you quick solutions for detoxification in a matter of days and some cases hours. 

However, reality tells us that most of them are not efficient, and you will lose precious time and money for buying and consuming.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you the most common weed detox myths that you can find online:

  • Excessive water consumption
  • Cranberry juice
  • Detox teas
  • Niacin detox
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach

All methods that we have listed above are based on myths that you can pass a drug test and remove THC in a matter of hours by consuming them. By checking here, you can learn more on process of detoxification in general. 

However, the best way to do it is by combining abstinence with exercise and diet that will help you reduce toxins from your organism.

On the other hand, consuming detox teas, cranberry juices and plenty of water can only cause urine dilution, which means that lab will reject it as an unacceptable sample, and you will have to conduct another test, or you will not be hired.

This particular method includes consuming vitamin B complex that will provide you an ability to make your urine yellowish so that labs could accept it as a regular sample. 

However, the color is not necessary, because throughout the analysis, they will test for levels of creatinine, and if the number is low, it means that you wanted to cheat the test by masking the overall results.

Cannabis Detox Methods That Function

We have mentioned above that the best option possible for cleansing yourself from cannabis is by using as much as natural processes as you can. Therefore, you will need up to six weeks to remove everything altogether.

  • Abstinence – Even though it is pretty evident and logical if you wish to be completely safe and reduce the hassle of stressing out, buying pricey detox products and trying to cheat the test, you have to stop with consumption altogether. We recommend you to do it cold turkey because the process of detoxification starts from the moment you smoked the last joint.
  • Physical Activity – We are talking here about ordinary things that individuals should do to remain healthy. Therefore, as we said above, your fat cells will be filled with traces of THC, which means that if you have more body fat, you will need more time to detoxify and vice versa. You should combine weight and cardio training so that you can increase metabolism and speed up the process of burning fat, which will ultimately help you eradicate THC. 

At the same time, the workout will increase the production of anandamide, which is an essential molecule that will provide you runner’s high after each workout.  We recommend you to check out this website: in which you can learn how to pass a drug test in matter of hours. Water Is Vital – It seems illogical that we have stated that drinking excessive amounts of water is a myth, and now we are talking about it within the accurate methods that are true and valid. The idea is that you do not have to drink too much with a plan to pee more and to remove toxins from it. The story does not go that way, and by consuming plenty of liquid, you will only lose its consistency and color. The idea is to drink regularly as always and try to stay hydrated because that will improve your health, boost energy levels, and allow you to remove toxins from your organism.